10 Best Blackburn Shisha Flavors


  • How did we pick these best Blackburn flavors?
  • 1. Blackburn Cherry Shock
  • 2. Blackburn Rising Star
  • 3. Blackburn Melon Halls
  • 4. Blackburn Pineapple
  • 5. Blackburn Kiwi Stoner
  • 6. Blackburn Famous Apple
  • 7. Blackburn It's not black currant
  • 8. Blackburn Basilic
  • 9. Blackburn Siberian Soda
  • 10. Blackburn Peachberry
  • Final words

Blackburn is known for its high-quality hookah tobacco crafted using modern equipment and premium ingredients. 

It features three types of Burley tobacco, which create a robust base with nutty flavor undertones. 

Blackburn offers intense flavor throughout the entire session and provides excellent heat resistance.

How did we pick these best Blackburn flavors?

We selected these flavors by considering customer preferences and reviewing the best-selling flavors worldwide. 

By analyzing feedback from hookah enthusiasts, we’ve handpicked flavors that reflect Blackburn’s excellence in delivering rich and unique hookah flavors.

1. Blackburn Cherry Shock

blackburn cherry shock hookah tobacco
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Cherry Shock provides a rich, tart, and aromatic sour cherry flavor that closely resembles the natural taste of cherries.

Flavor Profile: An intense sour cherry flavor complemented by the strong tobacco base, making it a standout among other berry hookah flavors.

Ideal for: Those who love berry flavors with a touch of tartness, this flavor could easily become a favorite among enthusiasts.

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2. Blackburn Rising Star

Blackburn Rising Star Hookah Flavor
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Blackburn Rising Star is a sweet and tropical shisha blend that brings to mind a aromatic cocktail on a sandy ocean beach or by a poolside bar.

Flavor Profile: A sweet mix of mango with hints of passion fruit that stands out among Blackburn's fruity flavors lineup. 

Ideal for: Perfect for those who love tropical hookah flavors with a unique and distinctive taste.

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3. Blackburn Melon Halls

Blackburn Melon Halls shisha flavor
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Melon Halls offers a signature refreshing candy flavor with a double effect: freshness and enjoyment of ripe melon.

Flavor Profile: Juicy, cloudy, and robust, it is a perfect solo flavor but also does well in mixes with other hookah flavors.

Ideal for: Great for melon enthusiasts and those who appreciate strong flavors.

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4. Blackburn Pineapple

Blackburn Pineapple Shisha flavor
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Blackburn Pineapple delivers the juicy and sweet taste of ripe pineapple, the true king of tropical fruits.

Flavor Profile:  A versatile sweet and sour shisha tobacco flavor that works well on its own and mixes seamlessly with other flavors.

Ideal for: Those who appreciate a tangy, fruity flavors that add a tropical twist to any smoking session.

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5. Blackburn Kiwi Stoner

Blackburn Kiwi Stoner hookah tobacco flavor
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Kiwi Stoner offers a tantalizing and intriguing sweet and sour hookah flavor that refreshes any hookah session while providing great cloud output.

Flavor Profile: A refreshing mixture of tangy and sweet kiwi, delivering a bright and distinct flavor.

Ideal for: Tor those who want a fruity flavor with a touch of tartness.

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6. Blackburn Famous Apple

Blackburn Famous Apple Hookah Shisha Tobacco
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Blackburn Famous Apple offers a versatile flavor, suitable for any mix or for smoking on its own, capturing the essence of walking through an apple orchard at dawn.

Flavor Profile: Slightly sweet and tangy apple, this flavor is very distinct from the first puff.

Ideal for: Suitable for apple shisha lovers who appreciate balanced sweet-tart shisha flavors.

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7. Blackburn It's not black currant

Blackburn It's not black currant Shisha
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It's Not Black Currant delivers the distinct flavor of red currant, filled with sour berry notes that take you back to sunny summer days.

Flavor Profile:  A berry flavor with sour notes and subtle sweetness. 

Ideal for: for those who appreciate bold berry flavors and love experimenting with different flavor profiles.

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8. Blackburn Basilic

Blackburn Basilic Shisha Tobacco Flavor
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Basilic offers an intense, aromatic flavor of fresh green basil, making even the simplest mixes sophisticated.

Flavor Profile: A rich and slightly astringent aroma that perfectly captures the essence of fresh basil.

Ideal for: For those who enjoy experimenting with unusual hookah flavors and appreciate the herbal and spicy undertones that basil brings to the mix.

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9. Blackburn Siberian Soda

Blackburn Siberian Soda Tobacco
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Inspired by the vast Siberian forests, Blackburn Siberian Soda combines distinct pine notes with a hint of cola, transporting you to the most remote corners of nature.

Flavor Profile: Siberian Soda brings a sugary cola flavor enriched with herbal and refreshing undertones reminiscent of pine, coolness, and a hint of citrus zest.

Ideal for: Siberian Soda can be great for those who enjoy unique and complex flavor profiles that blend sweet and herbal notes. It's perfect for adventurous smokers who appreciate a balance of sweetness, freshness, and a touch of citrus zest in their hookah sessions. If you like flavors that evoke a sense of nature with a refreshing twist, Siberian Soda is ideal.

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10. Blackburn Peachberry

Blackburn Peachberry Hookah Flavor
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Peachberry brings together aromatic wild strawberries with the juicy sweetness of peach, a "wow" duo that fits any occasion.

Flavor Profile: The tangy and spicy strawberries blend beautifully with the tender peach for a flavor that evokes warmth and sunshine.

Ideal for: For those who prefer a fruity flavor with a hint of spice, perfect for those who like their shisha sessions stronger and more robust.

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Final Words

Blackburn has earned its reputation for creating high-quality hookah tobacco with unique and enticing flavor profiles. 

Whether you're in the mood for something fruity, tropical, or unique, these 10 flavors have something for every hookah enthusiast.

Each blend is crafted to ensure a memorable smoking experience, providing rich and satisfying flavors that will leave you eager to try more.

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