Best Hookah Flavors in 2021

Best hookah Flavors in 2022: Your ultimate guide.


It's no secret that hookah lovers are always looking for the next great shisha flavor. While putting this guide together, we kept in mind all-time classic hookah flavors that will be popular for many years. But we couldn't avoid including the new brands and flavors that have gained popularity last year and keep growing in 2022.

We love this list because it offers a glimpse into what people are enjoying in different regions and countries worldwide! You'll find classics like Nakhla Double Apple or Starbuzz Blue Mist on here as well as some new products like Chaos El Parton. 

While making a mix of old favorites with some newcomers on our top 20 best hookah flavors guide - it's fair to say there are plenty of delicious options out there! This blog post should be a helpful guide for those who want some suggestions on what might suit their palates best. We want to hear your opinion on which flavors on our list are surprising or what flavors should be added! Tell us in the comments below :)

Of the numerous hookah tobacco brands on the market, these are the best shisha flavors in 2022 (click to jump): 

  • #1 Adalya Lady Killer
  • #2 Fumari Red Gummi Bear
  • #3 Al Fakher Mint
  • #4 Adalya Berlin Nights
  • #5 Eternal Smoke Dark Bean
  • #6 Al Fakher Two Apples
  • #7 Starbuzz Code 69
  • #8 Adalya Blue Melon
  • #9 Social Smoke Berry Punch
  • #10 Adalya Love 66
  • #11 Fumari Blueberry Muffin
  • #12 Tangiers Chocolate Mint
  • #13 Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake
  • #14 Starbuzz Blue Mist
  • #15 Social Smoke Absolute Zero
  • #16 Tangiers Cane Mint
  • #17 Zomo Acai Cream
  • #18 Nakhla Double Apple
  • #19 Chaos El Patron
  • #20 Serbetli Ice Berry

#1 Adalya Lady Killer

Adalya Lady Killer Hookah Flavor
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The Lady Killer flavor of shisha by Adalya is a mix between sweet mango and juicy strawberries with menthol that will make your mouth water for more. The Lady Killer is perfect for those who love their smoke to be sweet without being overwhelming. The high-quality processing of Adalya tobacco makes it beginner-friendly because one can smoke in almost any setup without worrying about burning too quickly or not delivering enough smoke. The wide range and flavors ensure customers will find their favorite among the many offered by this brand. 

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#2 Fumari Red Gummi Bear

Fumari Red Gummi Bear Hookah Flavor
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Fumari is a brand that smokers love for its delicious, unique flavors and innovative resealable packaging. Red Gummi Bear is one of the most famous flavors from this company because it's just what you'd expect if you've ever eaten red gummi bear before: sweet and light cherry and raspberry candy flavor! Red Gummi Bear is one of the most popular shisha flavors, and it definitely deserves its spot on our list.

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#3 Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint Hookah Flavor
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Al Fakher Mint hookah tobacco provides you with a perfectly balanced medium-strong mint flavor. This signature Al Fakher flalvor produces a great amount of smoke and lasts a reasonably long time, making it perfect for enjoying on its own as well as in addition to any mix. 

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#4 Adalya Berlin Nights

Adalya Berlin Nights Hookah Flavor
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Berlin Nights hookah tobacco taste is like no other - a juicy and fruity peach followed by a cool herbal mint. This light Adalya flavor is definitely one we recommend trying.

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#5 Eternal Smoke Dark Bean

Eternal Smoke Dark Bean Hookah Flavor
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You can't go wrong with Eternal Smoke when it comes to hookah flavors. Eternal Smoke is a premium tobacco manufacturer based in Orlando, FL. They offer six different lines of unique and authentic shisha flavors that are sure to please any hookah lover. 
If you love coffee, then try out their Dark Bean flavor. It's made especially for those who want to experience the aroma of morning espresso in their favorite shisha!

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#6 Al Fakher Two Apples

Al Fakher Two Apples Hookah Flavor
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Al Fakher Two Apples is another leading hookah flavor in the Double Apple category. This Double Apple flavor has a long history and still being beloved by many. It is very similar to Nakhla, and when choosing between the two, it comes down to personal preference which one you like better. Some smokers hate this Al Fakher taste, so many hookah bars will dedicate specific pipes only used for Double Apple's just because they hard to wash away from the hookah's stem and hose. 

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#7 Starbuzz Code 69

Starbuzz Code 69 hookah flavor
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This fruity flavor is one of the best in the Starbuzz lineup. The candy smell of Code 69 has notes from sour cherry, orange, and passion fruit with an added citrusy iced tea scent that will have you wanting more as soon as it hits your taste buds! As with all Starbuzz flavors, Code 69 delivers proper smoke thickness for an enjoyable smoking experience without being too thick or heavy. 

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#8 Adalya Blue Melon

Adalya Blue Melon Hookah Flavor
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The delicious and refreshing Blue Melon hookah blend from Adalya is one of the most popular flavors in America. It's a unique combination of fresh melon, tart blueberry flavor with cool menthol undertones that hit your taste buds just right while not being too overwhelming at all. There is no other company that has been able to match the success of Adalya when it comes down to flavoring their hookah tobacco. From traditional favorites like Love 66 and Lady Killer, they have something for everyone! 

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#9 Social Smoke Berry Punch

Social Smoke Berry Punch Hookah Flavor
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The flavor of this shisha is a berry punch with sweet fruity tastes that will amaze your palate. It has powerful hints from strawberries and raspberries, which are combined to give off a fantastic aroma for those who enjoy berry flavors! Social Smoke's medium-cut tobacco rarely has leaf stems and makes thick clouds when smoked because of its moistness. 

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#10 Adalya Love 66

Adalya Love 66 Hookah Flavor
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Love 66 is one of the best hookah flavors in Adalya's lineup. It has a dyed red color and is chopped moderately thick. The taste profile for this hookah tobacco is tropical fruit-forward; expect notes of passionfruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint on every puff. This refreshing mix will have your taste buds tingling from the sweet but not overly sugary flavor - definitely worth trying if you love fruity or even just sweeter tasting shishas!

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#11 Fumari Blueberry Muffin

Fumari Blueberry Muffin Hookah Flavor
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Blueberry Muffin is one of the best hookah flavors from Fumari. This sweet yet buttery flavor has been perfected with a fresh taste of tart blueberries, and it will take you back to your grandma's kitchen every time you pack yourself a bowl of this shisha!

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#12 Tangiers Chocolate Mint

Tangiers Chocolate Mint Hookah Flavor
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The taste of Tangiers Chocolate Mint hookah tobacco is vibrant, with an aroma that reminds you of milk chocolate and fresh notes similar to menthol. It can be enjoyed either alone or mixed into your favorite mix for an extra cooling experience. 

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#13 Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake

Trifecta Peppermint Shake Hookah Flavor
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One of the most popular blends from Trifecta, Peppermint Shake, has quickly risen through ranks to stand among some of our top sellers. It is a crisp and refreshing blend with an excellent cooling sensation on an inhale and a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor on exhale. This shisha will be everyone's favorite for any peppermint fan out there! With nearly ten years of experience, Trifecta handcrafts each batch here on American soil using only high-quality ingredients.

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#14 Starbuzz Blue Mist

Starbuzz Blue Mist hookah flavor
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One of the most popular and iconic flavors that Starbuzz has to offer, Blue Mist is a great flavor for beginners - it's sweet yet refreshing. You'll taste blueberries with just enough mint mixed in, giving you an idea of what fresh tastes like! Once you try this flavorful shisha tobacco blend, there will be no going back.

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#15 Social Smoke Absolute Zero

Social Smoke Absolute Zero Hookah Flavor
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Social Smoke has an array of great tasting shisha flavors that are a must-try, with their Absolute Zero flavor being the best icy mint available. This hookah tobacco offers a unique and refreshing blend of peppermint and winter-fresh flavor. All flavors from this company produced here in America use high-quality ingredients and tobacco leaves sourced from Germany's finest supplier.

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#16 Tangiers Cane Mint

Tangiers Cane Mint Hookah Flavor
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Tangiers Cane Mint is indisputably one of the most popular mint shisha tobaccos on the market. Many hookah smokers can't imagine a good smoking session without this flavor from Tangiers. The flavor provides an intense burst of freshness that will remind you of peppermint candies, which gives it its name - Cane Mint! Mint lovers should try this to make their day-to-day smoke sessions feel great again!

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#17 Zomo Acai Cream

Zomo Acai Cream Hookah Flavor
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Zomo seems to be a shisha brand that loves making unique flavors and is known for its high product quality. They are very popular in Brazil, but lately, they have built a substantial fan base in the US as well!
Zomo has crafted a flavor so authentic it'll make your mouth water. The Acai Cream is one of the most popular Zomo flavors this year and is perfect for any hookah lover who loves berries. It tastes like wild acai berry with hints from vanilla – not many shisha makers provide such rich detail in their flavors as Zomo does here!
Finely chopped blonde tobacco aged in barrels lined with Paraguay oak and a sugar cane molasses binding agent. This process creates an off-the-charts, subtle sweetness to your smoke that pleasantly tingles the senses on the draw. 

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#18 Nakhla Double Apple

Nakhla Two Apple Hookah Flavor
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Two Apples, also referred to as Double Apple in hookah circles, is a traditional choice of flavor for those who prefer the more old-fashioned style. Nakhla's version is a complete classic, keeping its same blend since decades ago. Their mix between anise and the light apple flavor is a perfect example of what a classic smoking session should be like. It's likely that Double Apple was one of your first shisha mixes if you had ever smoked before, and it remains a favorite among many people today. 

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#19 Chaos El Patron

Chaos El Patron Hookah Flavor
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Chaos Tobacco's El Patron is an aromatic blend of sweet and balanced aromas that has been growing in popularity over the past few months. We expect it to become one of our top products this year. It combines passion fruit, orange, and peach flavors into one perfectly blended concoction, which might recall classic shisha flavors from Emirates or Jordan with a difference that your taste buds are treated much better than by any other traditional shisha brands out there today!

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#20 Serbetli Ice Berry

Serbetli Ice Berry Hookah Flavor
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Serbetli Ice Berry has a very strong-smelling sweet berry flavor with raspberry undertones. The flavor has the smell really coming through, with an excellent cooling aspect for all lovers of mint shisha who want to try something new. This Serbetli flavor would be great for beginners as well because it is easy to pack into a hookah bowl without the risk of burning it. This Turkish-made tobacco surpasses many American brands in quality and variety of flavors. 

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