How To Set Up a Hookah | A 9-Step Guide
When you bought your first ever pipe, you might have a reasonable question of how to set up a hookah. 
There are a few different ways of preparing hookah, though the same basic steps apply in every case. Hookah can be prepared utilizing regular aluminum foil as well as the Heat Management System.

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to set up hookah using aluminum foil. 

To set up hookah we will need:

hookah (we offer some great hookahs for sale at our store)
electric burner

Step 1.

Separate the stem and glass base. While some hookahs have stems that are screwed into the base, others have stems that are attached with a rubber grommet and that you must separate by twisting and pulling.

Step 2

Fill the glass hookah base with cold water. How much water to put in hookah? When reattaching your stem, make sure the bottom of it is not submerged more than 1 – 1.5 inches into the water. The smoke won’t be filtered enough if you do not add a proper amount of water. Then again, if the water is too much, it will be hard to inhale. You will master it after a few tries.
Wookah hookah glass base

Step 3.

Join the stem to the glass base. Make sure it fits tight. Next, attach the hose to hookah through the hose port. Put the tray on top of the stem.

Hookah hose being attached to hookah


Step 4.

Place three coals on your electric burner to light them up. We do not recommend using quick lightning coals, as they give your smoke an unpleasant odor. The best choice would be to utilize natural hookah charcoal.

Coconut hookah charcoals on electric burner

Step 5

With a fork, scoop some hookah tobacco into the bowl. The measure of tobacco depends on the size of your bowl. You can remove leaf veins from the tobacco as they might produce an unpleasant odor when burnt.

Hookah tobaccoLeaf vein being removed from hookah tobaccoA process of packing hookah bowl with shisha tobacco

You need to gently pack the tobacco two or three millimeters under the bowl’s edge, so it will not be too close to the foil. At the same time, try packing it as fluffy as you can so that air can flow through it freely.


Step 6.

Make a funnel the width of a pencil at the center of the tobacco to help get the air flow going.

ST Hookah bowl filled with shisha tobacco


Step 7. 

Now it’s time to prepare the foil so that it can be wrapped over the bowl. Tear a piece of foil and fold it two times. Wrap foil around the bowl’s top and make small holes in a cylindrical fashion with your poker.

Hookah bowl wrapped with aluminum foil

When you finish, attach the hookah bowl to the stem, and don’t forget to use a rubber grommet to ensure that it sits air tight. 

Packed hookah bowl being placed on hookah stem


Step 8. 

Next up, we have to check on our hookah coals. If they are red-hot, then it’s time to place them around the edge of the bowl using hookah tongs.

Coconut coals on electric burnerPlacing coconut coals on a hookah bowl

Arrange the coals evenly around the top of the bowl to prevent heat from being distributed unequally, which will heat and burn your tobacco much faster. 


Step 9

Give the coals some time to warm the bowl up before you begin smoking. Add new red-hot coals as your smoking session goes on to keep the hookah going.

Coconut charcoals on a hookah bowl

This is one of the easiest ways to prepare hookah, and it allows you to achieve the best results.

In this tutorial we used Solaris clay bowl, Wookah hookah, Icon Hookah natural coals,  and Adalya shisha tobacco. 

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