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Oblako Hookah Bowls

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Oblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel M Glaze Hookah Bowl
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Oblako Phunnel M Mono Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel M Mono Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel L Glaze Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel L Glaze Hookah Bowl
Oblako Black Glaze Hookah BowlOblako Black Glaze Hookah Bowl Brown
Oblako Phunnel L Mono Hookah BowlOblako Phunnel L Mono Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel S Basic Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel M Basic Hookah Bowl
Oblako Black Basic Clay Hookah Bowl
Oblako Phunnel S Glaze Hookah Bowl Sky BlueOblako Phunnel S Glaze Hookah Bowl Blue Cosmos

Types of Oblako bowls

The Oblako brand is known for its colorful Phunnel bowls, but it also makes classic 5-hole bowls called Black. 

Oblako Hookah Bowls

Oblako Phunnel

Phunnel Oblako bowls come in 3 sizes, S, M, and L, allowing anyone to find the most convenient and suitable hookah head for their needs.

  • Oblako Phunnel S: looks similar to an Alien bowl and has a small size, making it perfect for solo smokers. Phunnel S bowls are very efficient at holding 12-15g of shisha, letting you thoroughly enjoy your flavor. 
  • Oblako Phunnel M: medium-sized bowls that fit 20-23g tobacco for a good 50-minute session. 
  • Phunnel L: largest Oblako bowl that's great for bigger companies, and it can hold about 25-30g of shisha. A large capacity allows you to use more shisha, which will last for about an hour or even longer.

Oblako Black (classic 5-hole bowl)

Oblako Black is a classic Turkish hookah bowl, suitable for all types of tobaccos. It has got five holes on its bottom and is pretty deep. The bowl fits about 23-28g of shisha and can be used with any type of tobacco.


Oblako offers a variety of different hookah bowls to match your needs. For example, the Oblako Basic line includes uncoated clay bowls for those looking for the traditional clay look. In contrast, the Glaze Top line provides an array of glazing colors so that you can choose one according to the mood or color scheme of your hookah pipe. The newest line, Oblako Mono, comes with a single-color coating along the entire body.

Manufacturing And Materials

Oblako artisans create bowls from white clay that's been kiln-fired and given an extra measure of protection with milk glazing in the ancient fashion. After the first firing in the kiln, the bowls are submerged in pasteurized milk for 1-2 minutes and then left to dry. Later, they are placed in an oven again. Milk glazing adds extra coating that significantly increases the durability of the hookah bowl. Also, this helps to prevent the molasses from being absorbed into the bowls' walls. 

Ease and convenience of use

Regardless of which Oblako hookah bowl you purchased: unglazed, glazed, phunnel, or classic - we are happy to say that these bowls are not only convenient and easy but also durable. The bowl's stem is long enough, so it doesn't heat up much when smoking; this means you can easily remove the bowl from your hookah with your fingers. While glazed bowls allow higher temperatures of tobacco in them to be reached (perfect if you're using heat-resistant tobaccos), there is always the risk of overheating your shisha - so be manage the heat carefully.

Oblako bowls are easy to clean and absorbs less syrup compared to their competitors. But there is one thing to be aware of - don't wash the bowl immediately and let it cool down for about 10 minutes. If you put the hot bowl in water, the glaze coating might crack.