Best Hookah Coals

Best hookah coals: A guide to natural hookah charcoal for 2024


Hookah charcoal is an integral part of the hookah experience. It's important that you buy good coals, and with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is that we at have done all the hard work for you! In this article, we'll discuss what makes great hookah coal and go through some of our favorite brands on the market today.

- There are many different types of hookah charcoal to choose from, and your decision could affect your smoking session.

- For the average hookah fan, Cocoburn Natural Coals are unmatched in quality and performance.

- They burn hotter and longer than most other shisha coals and don't leave much ash behind. 

There are several different shapes of natural hookah charcoal, including cubes, flats, hexagon, and more. The type of coal that's best for you depends on if you are using foil or heat management device, what kind of shisha you are smoking, and your personal preferences.

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Here are the best hookah coals in 2024:

  • Best Hookah Coals Overall: Cocoburn 25mm Cubes
  • Best Premium Shisha Coal: Icon Natural Hookah Coals
  • Best Lotus Head Hookah Coals: Crown Lotus Head Hookah Coals 

Best Hookah Coals Overall

Cocoburn 25mm Cubes

Cocoburn Natural Hookah Coals - Cubes 25 mm are designed to elevate your hookah experience with their exceptional quality. Crafted from 100% natural coconut shells, these premium charcoal cubes ensure the purity that enhances the flavor of your favorite shisha tobacco.

At 25 mm, these cubes strike a perfect balance between size and durability, delivering consistent and prolonged heat for long smoking sessions. Their precisely cut design ensures they fit most hookah bowls, making them easy to handle and perfect for optimal heat management.

Quick to heat up, these coals require minimal effort to reach the perfect temperature for a satisfying hookah experience. Their low ash content ensures a clean burn, preventing residue that could affect the taste of your favorite flavors.

Whether you're a seasoned hookah enthusiast or a casual user, Cocoburn Natural Hookah Coals - Cubes 25 mm are a dependable choice for those seeking premium charcoal for their sessions. Enjoy the rich flavors of your favorite shisha with confidence, knowing you're using high-quality, natural coconut coals.

Why we love them

  • Long-lasting
  • No smell
  • Low ash
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Best Premium Shisha Coal

Icon Natural Hookah Coals

Premium hookah coals from Icon Hookah are crafted from high-quality coconut shells, ensuring a superior smoking experience. These coals have a low ash residue, less than 2%, maintaining a clean burn and preserving the purity of your hookah session. 

Designed to provide consistent heat for up to 90 minutes, they minimize the need for frequent replacements. Made without any harmful chemicals, they produce no unpleasant odors, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable hookah experience with every use.

Why we love them

  • Affordable price
  • Consistent heat
  • Smaller package
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Best Lotus Head Hookah Coals

Le Orange Lotus Head

The Kaloud Lotus has been around for a long time, and its users have struggled for a while to find the perfect shape of coals. Crown Lotus Head coals are an excellent choice, they provide moderate heat when three pieces of this coal are used on the device, but it really depends on preference if all 3 should be placed in at once or not.

Crown Lotus Head Coals are shaped in thirds from a circle cut into three parts to fit the Kaloud perfectly. They will work well for large and extra-large hookah bowls as they have long duration and high heat levels.

Why we love them

  • Circular shape to fit into Kaloud Lotus
  • Last to up to 1.5 hours
  • High heat level
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Additional knowledge about hookah coals

Coconut hookah coals are the best coals on the hookah market. The world's biggest coconut producer is Indonesia. The best coconuts that are used to make hookah coals are grown on Sulawesi Island.

Coconuts used to produce hookah coals

A lot of brands offer coals in the shape of briquettes or cubes. You can also find specially shaped coals for heat management devices such as Kaloud Lotus, which come in different sizes - helpful when you want your coal to fit into a device like that!

Natural Coconut Hookah Coal


The typical sizes of cubed coals are: 26x26x26 mm, 25x25x25 mm, 22x22x22 mm, and 20x20x20 mm.

Main characteristics

The key characteristics of hookah coals are: 1. Ash content, 2. Heat duration, 3. Density, 4. Presence or absence of odors, 5. Materials coals made of.

Coconut coals are made from carefully sorted coconut shells and leave only a low percentage of ash which is less than 2%. A good quality hookah charcoal can maintain stable heat for over an hour with no need to replace it. Coconut coals do not contain sulfur or other hazardous chemicals, so they never produce any unpleasant odors.

How to light hookah coals

Hookah Coals and Electric Burner

1. Put the necessary quantity (usually 2-3 pieces) of coals on an electric burner or hot plate.

2. Let the coals heat up on the highest heat level for around 3-4 minutes and gently flip them with hookah tongs. Do not touch the coals with your fingers or bare hands!

Red-Hot Hookah coals

3. Leave the coals heating up on the other side for another 3 or 4 minutes. Be very cautious, as coals are extremely hot.

Hookah Coals And Kaloud Lotus

4. As soon as the coals are entirely red-hot, they are ready to be placed on the hookah.

Where to buy hookah coals?

If you type "hookah coals near me" into google, it might bring up a bunch of local smoke shops that offer them. You'll want to double-check if they have natural coals available, though!

Advantages of shopping online at

Icon Hookah has been trusted by many customers because of the convenience and extensive product selection. No matter what time, you can place an order for coals with our 24/7 support agent to answer any questions about products or the checkout process.