Reviews of Icon Hookah

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My favorite!

I tried this flavor at a random spot in San Diego and immediately came home and searched for it online. Now I’m obsessed, I can’t describe the flavor.. it’s just.. fruity and fresh!

Al Fakher Vanilla
Chad Miller
Perfect blend

Subtle but not weak vanilla flavor that doesn't overpower. Some hookah flavors are too polarizing but I can't imagine anyone disliking this one. The pricing from Icon and shipping time were unmatched.


Taste like a chai latte warm and loving feeling

By far my favorite

Awesome mixture of fruits flavor, the mango taste is very outstanding!!

Adalya Lady Killer 250g
ShaMonica Battle

Awesome flavor! My favorite thus far!

Wow - the best

This is the best flavour to add to anything. A MUST Buy!!

Best flavor

Love that they sell the tub. This is my fav flavor and they ship fairly quickly.

Agni F1 Hookah Set
steven sachs

Agni F1 Hookah Set


one of the best shisha flowers

Milkin' Cookies

sweet and good

Berlin Nights

Great Flavor!

Great phunnel bowl

Been using mine for a month amazing smooth flow exactly what I was looking for.

Great head

Wonderful flow smooth draw, exactly what I was looking for


This is the best hookah flavor me and my boyfriend have ever had, it taste so good and the flavor last for a long time before tasting burnt. Definitely a 10/10 highly recommended!

really nice and complex

feel like forest berry and cereal breakfast , taste precisely how its name.

Tangiers Tobacco

Tastes and smells just like orange soda.

If you have not had Tangiers tobacco before, make sure you do your research on it. It's not a typical tobacco where you can just load up and hit it with heat and go. It's pretty sensitive to heat and doesn't require much heat, and at the same time easy to overheat and burn.

One of the best fruit blends

Tremendous flavor profile. Light blond leaf. Does better with less heat

Awesome flavor

Smooth and awesome flavor, I’ve tried others and this is by far the best brand and flavor. A lot of my friends have gotten hooked on this!

Adalya Love 66 250g
Leslie Perez

Love this flavor

Favorite Shisha flavor

I absolutely LOVE this flavor. It’s like a peach mint. The brand is also a favorite of mine.

Not a fan

Just my own personal opinion it was too much of a cinnamon taste I never was a fan of the chewing gum big red and that’s what it taste like to me I was looking for a actual cinnamon roll taste
such as a synonym butt but this flavor taste more like the alcohol beverage fireball

Fumari White Gummi Bear
Jacquelyn Kilmurray

Delicious flavor and great head buzz!!! This is my new favorite!!! Get it now!!!


Long lasting and soft flavour

Happy customer

I bought this for my cousin in france and he loved it

Excellent Flavour

Hands down the best flavor to go to. Always tasting great and fresh. With the right heat can smoke for hours.