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Adalya Mi Amor
Heidy Gomez
So cool

One of the best by Adalya after love 66 and lady killer!!!

the shipment has not arrived yet

Strong as #$%^ but so worth it.

Getting a bowl of Cane Mint perfect is certainly an art. With the right pack, bowl and temp its a flavour that provides a couple of hours of pleasure. Not for the faint hearted.

Adalya Love 66 250g
Keith Wayne
You just have to revisit this

After spending months giving other brands and flavours a go I really enjoyed the breathtaking flavour Love 66 brings to my shisha sessions

Adalya Love 66 250g
Mohammed Jallad
Love it

One of the best flavors in the market

Adalya Skyfall
Helena Caci

Adalya Skyfall

Very good

Very good! Fast delivery!

Smooth and Clean

Top quality and easy to maintain! One regret is getting the black vase it is hard to see the water level.

Serbetli American Cake
shane william

This is my favorite flav it's great on it's on but also a great mixer. It is sweet and creamy, the perfect dessert shisha!

a mazing

great flavor ......

It was amazing

I never a shisha taste like this before. I like the toasted flavor. I seen this shisha but this is a first of trying it. I will be trying other flavors. The taste was smooth. And you can taste all the flavors in it.


It's a strong dessert but it is pretty good. A little more sweetness and lighter on the dark and it would be perfect.

Great Taste and smoke

Fusarium flavors are so great and this is one of my favorites. Great to mix with blueberry or alone.


Yea niceeeee

Pretty bland

No real flavor

Once you go Shuriken, you wouldn't prefer it any other way

Everything from the shipping, to unboxing to smoking that first bowl of shisha is friggin awesome. I've had a couple of small/medium hookah's before but this is by far the best purchase. Each pull is so smooth and refreshing. Its become the party favorite among all my friends. Highly recommend this one if you're in the market for a medium/large hookah. Dont worry about the price tag, every pull is worth it!

Al Fakher Gum
Keith Wayne
Wow gives a shisha rush

I love the kick this has.


טעם מיוחד שילוב מעניין ביותר עם נגיעות של אננס

Starbuzz Pink
shane william

One of my favorites from Starbuzz. Unique sweet taste, doesn't need a mixer. Fast delivery was a bonus

Trifecta Dark TKO 250g
shane william
Trifecta TKO was delicious!

I don't smoke a lot of dark leaf but I love nutella and this was just a perfect combo to make me enjoy it. I would definitely recommend it for those who are just getting into dark leafs and like dessert styled shisha. A+ from me!

Candied Pineapple and Freshness

Best smoked all by itself. Solid flavour that lasts

Not my favorite taste

I'm a red leaf type

Double Apple Perfected

Nothing other than perfect.
Deep traditional flavour

Al Fakher Two Apples
Wahajj Mehdii
One of the best flavours

One of the og apple flavor! Love it

Al Fakher Grenadine
Thanh Vuong
Strong Aftertaste

Nice on the in but hard on the out. Recommend for experienced smokers