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It's giving

orange, mint, creating a well-balanced and invigorating smoking experience. I loved it .

Love it!!!

Omg I did not expect it’s going to be so good! The smell, the flavor, amazing for mixes and I finished the pack way sooner than I expected!!


Received exactly what I ordered, no issues. Everything was packaged well. My main concern was the glass base being shattered when I received it. But everything was well received. Definitely my go to hookah shop from now on. The concept of design hookah is really cool. Very sleek build. The carbon part is somewhat fragile, already had a dent it on it from just washing it and putting it on my dish drying rack. But that was my fault because I placed it down somewhat hard. Amazing hookah none the least

Maybe not for everyone

I’ll be honest. It does have somewhat of a rose 🌹 flavor and smells nice but the smoke 💨 just doesn’t have the best flavor. Hard to describe. I will say that if you think a rose flavor might be your thing Banger does a great job with interesting flavors



Adalya Love 66 250g
Jose Galarza


English Lord

Very special testy nice and lovely and so smoky

Very good product

Very good product
Very good service


Always great my favorite flavor

Taste like plastic

Awful plastic taste.


My favorite tobacco so strong


When I opened the bag, I couldn’t believe how much it smelled like mint chocolate chip ice cream! It tastes so delicious as well! It’s the perfect amount of mint flavor with a slight sweetness to it! The only drawbacj is I immediately wanted to go buy mint chocolate chip ice cream 😂 which I did… 😍 love this flavor!

First time a hookah

The fruity bubble is tasty, enjoyed my first smoke in a Hookah. I ordered two different flavors of sisha, can’t wait to try them, the large tongs work well also

Love me some kiwi!!

Not bad°

Great quality

I order again Because is great quality and fast shipping and the price very good

Great HMD

I bought this as an upgrade to my set up and it has taken it to another level. The coals last longer, the shisha tastes better, and the smoke is cooler. Air flow at time can be tricky as you need to slide the lid to adjust it but once it's set, the air flow is great! I do wish that it was able to fit more than 3 25mm coals but that's just me.

Clean long burning coals

These coals have little to no odor and give such a long burn time. Everyone is always so surprised when I tell them we can still smoke after we have stopped for 20 minutes after a session

Hookah Cup
Maria W
Great Service

I love the personal cup hookah. When it arrived it was missing a part. No stress the problem was immediately corrected by customer service.


Cocoburn Coals have revolutionized my hookah experience entirely. From the very first puff, it was evident that these coals were something special. Let me delve into why these cubes, measuring 26 mm, have become an indispensable part of my hookah ritual.

First and foremost, the purity of these coals is unmatched. Made from natural coconut husks, they burn cleanly and evenly, without any added chemicals or unwanted flavors. This purity ensures that the true essence of my shisha flavors shines through with every draw, providing an authentic and enjoyable smoke session.

The size of these cubes is just perfect. At 26 mm, they offer optimal heat distribution, ensuring consistent and long-lasting heat throughout the duration of my hookah session. Whether I'm enjoying a quick solo smoke or a leisurely session with friends, I can rely on Cocoburn coals to deliver the ideal heat intensity without any harshness or uneven burning.

Another aspect that sets Cocoburn apart is their sustainability. Knowing that these coals are sourced from renewable coconut husks gives me peace of mind, knowing that I'm making an eco-conscious choice while indulging in my hookah passion.

Furthermore, Cocoburn coals ignite effortlessly and maintain their heat exceptionally well. Gone are the days of struggling with inconsistent heat or constantly needing to rotate coals. With Cocoburn, I can focus solely on enjoying my hookah experience without any interruptions.

In summary, Cocoburn Natural Hookah Coals have earned my highest recommendation. Their purity, perfect size, sustainability, and reliability make them a must-have for any hookah enthusiast looking to elevate their smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned hookah aficionado or a newcomer to the scene, do yourself a favor and give Cocoburn coals a try—you won't be disappointed.


Never use charcoal like that

Great flavor!

Definitley a great taste for a flavor 😊😊

Must try it

I love this flavor so much since I tried it the first time I felt in love with you. so I always order it and I would recommend it for you guys because you will never regret the flavor

Visit Berlin

Never been to Berlin but if the nights are as tasty as this flavor, take me there now!!!

Al Fakher Cappuccino
Ruth Hernandez
Love it!!!

I love the cappuccino flavor!


I was shocked by the noticeable improvement in smoke and flavor from this bowl. It heats very evenly and gets you right to that perfect puff!