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About hookah accessories

When seeking a great hookah smoking session, quality hookah accessories are essential, as they will make a huge difference in your experience. We offer a wide range of hookah parts for sale, available in a variety of sizes and colors. If ideally selected, the right hookah accessory will enhance your smoking experience, as long as you find the right choice for yourself as the smoker and for your particular hookah.

To experience an effective hookah smoking session, at the very least, a smoke requires the hookah itself, a bowl to hold the shisha and the coal, and a hose to expel the smoke from the hookah. Anything else only supplements and hopefully helps to improve the hookah smoking experience.

The hookah market is brimming with interesting choices that both claim to better your smoking experience or simplify the setup for the right smoking session. We'll assist you in selecting a few hookah supplies that we believe will significantly boost your next hookah session without spending way too much.

The most important shisha accessories and hookah parts

Wind Covers

A cover that goes on top of the bowl and usually sits on the tray. It's meant to prevent the wind from blowing into your bowl or coals. When the coals start to die out, the wind cover helps to retain heat.

Molasses catchers

The Molasses Catcher is a trap that is positioned atop the bowl port, intended to hold the tobacco and glycerin out of the hookah's stem and base, preventing it from passing out of the bowl through the rest of the hookah's system. While there are certain advantages and disadvantages of molasses catchers, by and large, it accomplishes the goal of keeping the foundation and stem of the hookah free of unwanted particles.

Mouth tips

Mouth tips come in two varieties: disposable and reusable. Disposable mouth tips are made of plastic and are intended for one-time use, while those that can be reused are made from a variety of materials, including wood and various metals. They're usually tied to a silicone bottom and a lanyard so you can wear them around your waist.

Disposable tips

Smoking shisha from a hookah is a great way to kick back, relax, and enjoy spending time with the company. For the younger generation of hookah smokers, sharing a single hookah hose with multiple associates has become a popular activity during their university years. To mitigate the risk of bacteria transfer from one human to another, disposable mouth tips help smokers use their own mouthpiece.

Disposable tips that fit any hookah hose on the market are available and generally come in two forms: male and female fittings. The "male fitting" mouth tips slip inside the hookah hose's end, and the "female fitting" tips fit over the end of the hookah hose. Even though these mouth tips can match any hose, some are best suited best for particular hookah hoses, and identifying the tip that is right for your hose is one of the more challenging activities for a hookah smoker.

Male fitting disposable tips

The long, slender conic form of these tips allows them to be quickly inserted and withdrawn from the hose. Male fitting tips usually have a circular knob at the end that is smooth and convenient. There are also ergonomically shaped tips with a broad and flat opening.

Female fitting tips

This type of tip is more popular in hookah lounges. The wide end of the tip is usually pulled over the hookah hose's mouthpiece, and the weight of the hose being forced up into the bottom of the mouth tip creates a near-closed seal. If too forcefully inserted, the friction can make removing the tip back off the pipe very challenging.

These types of mouth tips are commonly used with luxury-style hookahs or those with a large gauge.

Reusable personal hookah mouth tips

In 2018, we saw a significant increase in the popularity of reusable personal mouth tips, especially as hookah expos became more of a full-fledged event in countries like Germany and Russia, which are considered pioneers in the hookah smoking lifestyle. At these expos, it's popular to browse a variety of items, and relying on finding cheap disposable tips scavenging a tip from a busy seller in the middle of a demo, is not a productive use of the customer's or seller's time.

There are many excellent lanyard style tips available, but we are partial to the Japona Hookah Mouthtips. They are not only the most attractive but also the most practical. The meticulous handcrafting of these tips will make your hose really stand out, especially on the premium setup of your hookahs.


During your smoking session, you will need to use tongs to move coals to and from the hookah, as well as exchange coals that are spent for new ones mid-session.

Practically speaking, any tongs will be sufficient for accomplishing the very basic actions one takes with a hookah. We recommend Icon Hookah tongs, as they give more control over the coals when manipulating that and HMD. These tongs are slim, allowing you to grab and lift coals easily by the sides, but also allow for the ability to slide into vents of HMD.

Hookah hoses

The hose connects to the pipe, which allows the smoke to pass through to your mouth. Often overlooked, the replacement of the traditional hose with a silicone one is one of the primary improvements you should make to a hookah. Traditional hoses break down easily over time and begin to absorb and retain the flavor of old smoking sessions, ones you may not care to mix with the current session's flavors.

A silicone hookah hose improves your smoking experience. First and foremost, it is a more sanitary choice because they are simpler to clean. All you need to do is rinse them with warm water, perhaps mixing in a bit of lemon juice. Then let them air dry, and they will last you for a long period of time if well maintained.

Hose springs

A hose spring helps the silicone hose retain its shape, keeping it from excessive bending.

Hose handles/mouthpieces

The hookah user smokes from the mouthpiece at the end of the hose. The mouthpiece is the part of the hose that you place your mouth on, usually made of metal, wood, or plastic, and is a vital part of its style and comfort during your smoking session.

HMD (Heat Management Device)

Consider investing in a hookah heat management device if you want to take your sessions to the next level. While it's not a must-have, it's a nice bonus on your hookah and is the most advanced hookah technology available. Rather than placing the coals on foil, the HMD is an aluminum substitute that houses the coals inside, under a cap that allows for the user to better manage heat.

When it comes to the convenience of hookah smoking, an HMD is a must-have. The first HMD, the Kaloud Lotus was revolutionary, single-handedly altering modern hookah smoking practices, serving users faithfully for years. Having one in your hookah collection showed that you took pride in being as up-to-date with modern hookah technologies as possible.

Coal carriers

The riskiest aspect of the smoking session maintenance is transporting hot charcoals to and from the hookah and swapping them out with the spent ones. While it is not exactly a burdensome process, having an actual coal carrier on hand will be an immense ally of convenience for your hookah session.

Coal burners

This is an electric burner on which you light and heat up coals until they are red-hot and they are ready to be placed on the hookah.


Hookah smokers use diffusers to break up the flow of smoke and produce hundreds, if not thousands, of small bubbles rather than a few huge ones. This has a few benefits, including smoothing the pull of a hookah, assisting with smoke filtration, and quieting the rumble of the pipe.

When using a diffuser, the pipe draw is reduced, making the inhale feel lighter, cooler, and more effervescent. The diffuser also breaks up the larger bubbles into many smaller ones, expanding the surface area over which the particulates can be exposed to water, turning the water into an effective filter that helps to infiltrate the smoke. Because the produced bubbles are smaller, their breaking of the water's surface is much quieter, leading to the hookah not making the rumbling noise caused by the popping of larger bubbles.


The tray is what houses the ashed coals. It is also a place where tongs can reside.


In order to pull smoke through the pipe, the hookah needs water. That water resides at the base of the pipe.


Grommets are rubber parts that keep the base, the bowl, and the hose attached in a unified, sealed, airtight system. The bowl grommet is a small rubber piece that sits atop of the stem and creates a tight seal between the stem and the bowl. The base grommets are the sealants between the hookah's stem and its base. Aside from threaded hookahs, all the other hookahs use base grommet.


Hookahs often need to be ported from one place to another. Traveling with a hookah requires a place to temporarily and safely store them. For this purpose, specialty hookah bags help to do so by having room allocated for the hookah itself, as well as pockets to carry along most of the hookah accessories in distributed pockets. These include the HMD, tongs, poker, tobacco, coals, and any other particulates.

Prices of hookah pipe parts

Hookah accessory prices vary greatly depending on the nature of the product in question. Some accessories are as low as $1, while others can cost up to $80 (such as a personal mouth tip).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

IconHookah.com offers a wide range of hookah accessories to vastly improve the smoking experience. We carry all kinds of attachments and hookah parts available on the market, whether you're looking for a replacement component or just want to add to your hookah collection.

The best way to enhance your hookah smoking experience is by focusing less on having to manage your smoking session and more on enjoying the experience. If you set up your hookah just the way you want it, you can enjoy it every time. If you feel the need to append helpful attachments, we have a variety of hookah accessories for sale in every type of extension, from molasses catchers to personal mouth tips.

You can buy hookah parts on our website. It is highly intuitive and easy to navigate for the convenience of helping our visitors to enjoy the best customer experience.