Best musthave hookah tobacco flavors

10 Best Musthave Flavors You Must Try First


  • How we picked the best Musthave flavors?
  • 1. Musthave Tipsy
  • 2. Musthave Violet
  • 3. Musthave Pearl Pool
  • 4. Musthave Rocketman
  • 5. Musthave Honey Holls
  • 6. Musthave Pinkman
  • 7. Musthave Red Bomb
  • 8. Musthave Tropic Juice
  • 9. Musthave Morocco
  • 10. Musthave Fizzy Dizzy
  • Final words

MustHave Hookah Tobacco is one of the fastest-growing shisha brands in the industry, boasting the best-selling flavor Pinkman across all other shisha brands and flavors. 

With a lineup of over 70 shisha flavors, Musthave has become the choice of thousands of hookah enthusiasts around the globe.

Musthave hookah tobacco is made using a blend of Burley tobacco leaf from seven different countries, ensuring the consistent quality of raw materials by adjusting the proportions of all ingredients.

How did we pick these best Musthave flavors?

Selecting the best Must Have flavors involved a comprehensive and data-driven approach. We gathered global hookah community opinions and insights to understand what truly makes Musthave tobacco stand out. 

Alongside this valuable feedback, we analyzed sales data to identify the best-selling flavors, ensuring our picks not only reflect personal preferences but also market trends.

This dual approach allowed us to compile a curated list of Musthave flavors that are not only loved for their unique and intricate profiles but also proven favorites among a wide range of hookah smokers. 

1. Musthave Tipsy

musthave tipsy hookah flavor
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Tipsy is a luxurious aperitif-inspired shisha blend that offers a rich liquor flavor perfectly balanced with watermelon juice, topped with a whipped cream aroma and delicate berry notes.

Flavor Profile: A viscous liquor flavor softened by fruit-cream shades and a vivid berry burst, with ripe watermelon adding freshness and lightness to the mix.

Ideal for: This sophisticated blend is designed for those who appreciate a complex, beverage-inspired hookah flavor as part of a relaxing smoking session.

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2. Musthave Violet

musthave violet hookah shisha flavor
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Violet from Musthave is an exotic creamy shake flavor with the tender aroma of blueberries and the freshness of golden melon, spiced with a hint of aromatic spices.

Flavor Profile: A classic creamy fruit and berry cocktail enriched with bright splashes of spices, providing an unparalleled individuality in its unusual flavor. 

Ideal for: This Musthave hookah tobacco flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a blend of creamy sweetness with a spicy kick, adding a unique twist to their hookah experience.

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3. Musthave Pearl Pool

musthave pearl pool hookah tobacco
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Pearl Pool is a flavor of light mousse made from fresh tropical fruits with a sweet and sour note of moringa. 

Flavor Profile: A juicy and weightless mousse of ripe exotic fruits, with moringa notes adding a herbaceous spice in the background, perfectly balancing the rich sweet taste. 

Ideal for: Those who favor unconventional tropical shisha compositions and appreciate freshness in their smoking sessions.

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4. Musthave Rocketman

musthave rocketman hookah tobacco flavor
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Rocketman delivers a bright, refreshing taste of strawberry soda flavor enriched with notes of kiwi and grapefruit.

Flavor Profile: A complete and vibrant hookah flavor capturing the sweetness of strawberry-based soda, complemented harmoniously by grapefruit taste and refreshing kiwi notes.

Ideal for: A superb choice for those looking for a fruity base flavor that is perfect when smoked on its own or as a fruit foundation in mixes.

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5. Musthave Honey Holls

musthave honey holls shisha tobacco
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Honey Holls offers the refreshing flavor of a frosty winter day, warmed by the aroma of tart sweet honey.

Flavor Profile: A harmonious combination of frosty coolness and delicious tart honey, where the light chill perfectly counters the excess sweetness of honey, resulting in a pleasant, warm, and subtly sweet shisha flavor.

Ideal for: Those who appreciate a hookah flavor that combines refreshing notes with a comforting sweetness, making it perfect for relaxing evenings or as a soothing companion during social gatherings. This unique blend is sure to provide a memorable smoking experience, catering to those who enjoy depth and complexity in their shisha tobacco.

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6. Musthave Pinkman

musthave pinkman hookah shisha tobacco
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Pinkman is a bestseller from Musthave, offering a sour-sweet combination of pink grapefruit and strawberries, sweetened with raspberry syrup.

Flavor Profile: Endless sweetness of raspberry syrup and fresh strawberries tempered by grapefruit sourness, forming a harmonious shisha blend with a light creamy shade.

Ideal for: Musthave Pinkman is perfectly suited for those who delight in vibrant and fruity flavors. It's a great choice for hookah enthusiasts seeking a dynamic blend that offers both sweetness and a tart edge, ideal for lively gatherings or for anyone looking to add a burst of flavor to their day. This blend appeals to both experienced smokers and newcomers alike, making it a versatile addition to any hookah session.

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7. Musthave Red Bomb

musthave red bomb shisha flavor
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Red Bomb is a luxurious tart bouquet of aromatic southern pomegranate with a spicy bitterness in the aftertaste.

Flavor Profile:  An essence of the brightest taste features of pomegranate: very restrained sweetness, tartness, slight sourness, and background bitter notes. 

Ideal for: For those looking to experience the rich flavor of pomegranate in its most honest and classic form.

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8. Musthave Tropic Juice

musthave tropic juice hookah flavor
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Tropic Juice is an extraordinarily rich blend of pineapple and ripe exotic passion fruit flavors.

Flavor Profile: The natural flavor of tropical fruit mix delivers a double fruit punch where the sweetness and tart notes of passion fruit intertwine moderately with pineapple sourness.

Ideal for: Perfect for those hookah lovers seeking a long and appetizing aftertaste with a subtle citrus twist.

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9. Musthave Morocco

musthave morocco shisha tobacco
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Musthave Morocco offers the subtle warming aroma of traditional Moroccan citrus tea with spices.

Flavor Profile: This shisha flavor is an accurate recreation of real Moroccan tea, where the rich tea aroma with citrus is framed by cloves and other spices, adding a unique tartness and moderate sweetness.

Ideal for: An excellent stand-alone shisha flavor appealing to those who love spiced tea-flavored smoking sessions.

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10. Musthave Fizzy Dizzy

must have fizzy dizzy hookah shisha flavor
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Fizzy Dizzy features the flavor of a sparkling drink, spiced up with sour-sweet notes of barberry candy.

Flavor Profile: The playful fizziness of sparkling wine bubbles humorously tickles the nose, while the sour-sweet notes of barberry add an unobtrusive freshness to the blend.

Ideal for: Those looking for a balanced flavor where beverage and berry flavors complement each other, providing a great base for beverage-flavored shisha mixes.

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Final Words

These 10 Musthave flavors represent a diverse and sophisticated palette that caters to all preferences, ensuring every hookah session is as delightful as the last. 

With its commitment to unique and intricate flavor profiles, Musthave Hookah Tobacco stands out in the hookah tobacco market, offering distinct blends that are both enjoyable and memorable. 

Whether you're seeking something sweet, spicy, or refreshingly unique, Musthave has a flavor that will enhance your experience and make each gathering with friends an exceptional one. 

Dive into the rich tapestry of tastes that Musthave tobacco offers and discover why this brand continues to captivate hookah enthusiasts around the world.

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