10 Best Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco Flavors You Need to Try


  • How did we pick these best Starbuzz flavors?
  • 1. Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist
  • 2. Starbuzz Exotic Pink
  • 3. Starbuzz Exotic Sex On The Beach
  • 4. Starbuzz Exotic Code 69
  • 5. Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze
  • 6. Starbuzz Exotic Strawberry Margarita
  • 7. Starbuzz Exotic White Peach
  • 8. Starbuzz Exotic Blue Surfer
  • 9. Starbuzz Bold Geisha
  • 10. Starbuzz Bold Tropicool
  • Final words

Starbuzz Tobacco is renowned in the hookah industry for its extensive range of innovative and premium shisha flavors. Founded in the early 2000s, Starbuzz quickly ascended to prominence due to its vibrant flavor offerings and high-quality products. 

Starbuzz's portfolio includes a vast variety of flavors, ranging from rich and creamy blends to fruity and refreshing mixes. Their commitment to the quality of hookah tobacco is evident in the choice of ingredients and the meticulous production processes they employ. 

The brand has also been a pioneer in introducing innovative packaging and marketing strategies, setting trends within the industry. With a continuous focus on customer satisfaction and flavor innovation, Starbuzz tobacco remains a dominant and respected name in the global hookah community.

How did we pick these best Starbuzz flavors?

To choose the best Starbuzz flavors, we engaged with seasoned hookah enthusiasts, studied customer reviews, and analyzed hookah tobacco sales data to identify the most popular flavors. 

We focused on several criteria, including flavor complexity, popularity, and consistency throughout the smoking session.

By selecting a diverse range of flavors, we aimed to cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring that there is something for everyone—from fruity and sweet to bold and minty.

1. Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist

Starbuzz Blue Mist Hookah Flavor
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Starbuzz Blue Mist is a flagship flavor from the Starbuzz Exotic Hookah Tobacco series and has played a significant role in elevating the brand’s popularity over the years. It is a must-try whether you're new to hookah or a seasoned smoker. 

Flavor Profile: Starbuzz Blue Mist features a refreshing and sweet blueberry flavor with a unique twist. Unlike typical mint-flavored hookah tobacco, Blue Mist delivers a cooling sensation without the minty taste, creating an experience reminiscent of icy water. This clean and crisp flavor combines the sweetness of blueberries with a refreshing coolness, ensuring a delightful smoking experience.

Ideal for: Those who enjoy fruity yet refreshing flavors that are versatile enough to mix well. Whether you're a beginner or an avid hookah enthusiast, Starbuzz Blue Mist is highly recommended for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile that promises a satisfying and refreshing smoking experience.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Blue Mist is a versatile flavor that pairs beautifully with a variety of other shisha tobaccos. For a truly unique blend, consider mixing it with some classic flavors like vanilla, grapes, or strawberry.

Starbuzz Blue Mist with Al Fakher Vanilla: Al Fakher Vanilla can be quite strong hookah tobacco, so start by adding it at about 25% of the mix and adjust according to your taste preferences. You might find that anywhere from 25% to 50% strikes the perfect balance, depending on how prominent you want the vanilla flavor.

Blue Mist with Afzal Pan Rasna or Kesar Pan: These are great options for adding a traditional and aromatic Indian touch to the fruity and cool profile of Blue Mist.

 Starbuzz Blue Mist with Al Fakher Gum, Grenadine, or Plum: These flavors can add a rich and nuanced dimension to the Blue Mist. Each one offers a different profile, from the refreshing zing of pomegranate to the deep, sweet notes of plum.

 Blue Mist with any Double Apple flavor: This classic mix combines the crisp, anise-tinged flavor of double apple with the sweet, refreshing taste of Blue Mist for a session that's rich in contrast and enjoyable.

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2. Starbuzz Exotic Pink

Starbuzz Pink Hookah Flavor
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Exotic Pink is a vibrant blend with a unique flavor profile that stands out among Starbuzz's offerings. Its mix of floral, fruity, and citrus notes offers a delightful combination that awakens the senses.

Flavor Profile: A sweet and floral mix, with notes of citrus and berries. This hookah tobacco provides a vibrant and aromatic flavor that is light and refreshing.

Ideal for: This Starbuzz tobacco is perfect for those who enjoy floral and fruity blends with a hint of tanginess. The complex aroma makes it a favorite among those who appreciate distinctive flavors.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Exotic Pink is a versatile flavor that combines beautifully with various other shishas from Starbuzz, allowing for a customized and enjoyable hookah session. Here are some excellent combinations:

 Starbuzz Exotic Pink with Code 69: A 50/50 mix of Pink with Code 69 brings together Pink's sweet and floral notes with the robust, berry-like flavors of Code 69. This pairing creates a dynamic and flavorful experience that enhances both flavors' best qualities.

Starbuzz Exotic Pink with Tangerine Dream: Mixing Pink with Tangerine Dream in equal parts offers a delightful fusion of floral subtleties with the zesty and refreshing notes of citrus. This blend is perfect for those who enjoy a vibrant and tangy flavor profile in their smoke.

These hookah tobacco combinations leverage the distinctive qualities of Pink, making it a great base for creating flavorful and aromatic hookah sessions. Whether you prefer a berry twist or a citrus burst, these mixes provide a fresh and satisfying experience.

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3. Starbuzz Exotic Sex On The Beach

Starbuzz Sex On the Beach Hookah Shisha Flavor
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This flavor is inspired by the popular cocktail, capturing the tropical essence in every puff. The blend of fruits and citrus offers a taste of summer in every session.

Flavor Profile: A mix of tropical fruits, citrus, and a hint of cranberry. This Starbuzz tobacco provides a sweet and tangy taste with a refreshing finish.

Ideal for: Those who enjoy tropical flavors with a sweet and tangy kick. This blend is perfect for summer sessions or when you're in the mood for something light and fun.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Exotic Sex on the Beach is a delightful tropical blend, making it an excellent base for creative mixing. Here's a particularly vibrant combination to enhance your smoking experience:

 Sex on the Beach with Code 69 and Mint: Combining Sex on the Beach with Code 69 and a hint of Mint creates a multi-layered mix that is both refreshing and complex. Start with a base of Sex on the Beach, add Code 69 for its robust and sweet berry flavor, and finish with a touch of mint to introduce a cooling effect that ties the tropical and berry notes together beautifully.

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4. Starbuzz Exotic Code 69

Starbuzz Code 69 Hookah Flavor
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Code 69 is known for its bold and dynamic flavor that blends sweetness with a hint of citrus zest. It's a blend that keeps you intrigued with each puff.

Flavor Profile: A robust mix of sweet berries with a touch of tart citrus. This flavor provides a balanced profile with a fruity and slightly tangy finish.

Ideal for: Perfect for those who enjoy a fruit-forward flavor with a bright finish. It appeals to those looking for a lively mix that can stand on its own or complement other flavors.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Code 69 is known for its unique and lively flavor profile, making it an excellent candidate for blending with other vibrant shisha tobaccos. Here’s a heavenly combination to try:

 Code 69 with Al Fakher Blueberry Mint: Mixing Starbuzz Code 69 with Al Fakher Blueberry Mint creates a divine experience. The rich, berry-like sweetness of Code 69 pairs wonderfully with the tartness of blueberries and the refreshing coolness of mint found in Al Fakher's hookah tobacco.

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5. Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze

Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Flavor
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Mighty Freeze is a powerhouse flavor, offering a strong minty experience with a hint of lemon. It's a go-to choice for those seeking a refreshing and invigorating session.

Flavor Profile: An intense blast of mint with a refreshing lemon undertone. This blend provides a cooling and tangy flavor that stands out among other mint-based hookah tobacco blends.

Ideal for: Mint lovers who enjoy a touch of citrus to balance the flavor. The bold profile appeals to those who want a flavor that leaves a lasting impression.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze is a robust and invigorating flavor on its own, offering a crisp, minty experience with a subtle hint of lemon. Here’s how you can enhance or transform this vibrant blend:

Mighty Freeze with Mango or Banana flavors: To sweeten the minty sharpness of Mighty Freeze, consider adding a tropical twist with mango or a creamy sweetness with banana. These fruits will soften the intense mint flavor and add a rich, aromatic complexity that's both refreshing and delightfully unexpected.

Mighty Freeze with spicy flavors:  For those who enjoy a bit of heat, pairing Mighty Freeze with spicy flavors can create an exciting and invigorating twist. The coolness of the mint juxtaposed with a spicy element can lead to a uniquely stimulating smoking experience that awakens the senses.

While Mighty Freeze is excellent hookah tobacco on its own for a refreshing smoking session, these additions can customize the smoke to suit different moods or settings, offering versatility and personalization in your hookah experience. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, creamy, or even spicy, there's no limit to the combinations you can explore with Mighty Freeze as your base.

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6. Starbuzz Exotic Strawberry Margarita

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Strawberry Margarita brings the sweet and tart flavors of the classic cocktail to your hookah. The mix of fruit and citrus provides a lively and festive flavor.

Flavor Profile: A delightful blend of sweet strawberries and tart lime. This hookah tobacco flavor provides a refreshing and balanced taste that captures the essence of a strawberry margarita.

Ideal for: Perfect for those who enjoy cocktail-inspired flavors with a fruity twist. It’s ideal for summer sessions or whenever you want to bring a festive atmosphere to your hookah experience.

Mixing Suggestions: Mixing 60% Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita with 40% Al Fakher Banana creates a delightful fruit cocktail blend. The sweet and slightly tangy notes of the Strawberry Margarita perfectly complement the creamy, mellow flavor of banana, resulting in a balanced and refreshing smoking experience. The strawberry brings a bright and lively character, while the banana adds depth and a creamy texture, making for a harmonious and enjoyable session. 

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7. Starbuzz Exotic White Peach

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White Peach has a smooth and sweet flavor, capturing the essence of ripe peaches. Its delicate flavor offers a light and fruity experience.

Flavor Profile: A delicate blend of sweet and juicy peach with a hint of creaminess. This flavor provides a smooth and mild taste that is both refreshing and enjoyable.

Ideal for: Ideal for those who love mild and fruity flavors that aren’t overwhelming. The soft profile makes it suitable for relaxing sessions and pairs well with other flavors.

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8. Starbuzz Exotic Blue Surfer

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Blue Surfer is a unique blend that marries fruity flavors with a hint of mint. The combination of pineapple, coconut, and mint provides a tropical escape in each puff.

Flavor Profile: A fusion of pineapple, coconut, and mint that delivers a cool and tropical experience. This flavor provides a refreshing and sweet taste that is both invigorating and satisfying.

Ideal for: Great for those who enjoy exotic and refreshing flavors. It’s perfect for summer sessions or whenever you want to bring a bit of tropical flavor to your smoke.

Mixing Suggestions: Starbuzz Exotic Blue Surfer is a dynamic and tropical shisha tobacco blend that tantalizes the senses with its combination of fruity flavors and a robust tobacco base. Here’s how to enhance or complement this vibrant flavor:

Blue Surfer with mint or lime: To accentuate the refreshing qualities of Blue Surfer, consider adding either mint or lime flavors. Mint will enhance the coolness of the blend, making it even more refreshing, while lime can add a zesty twist that sharpens the sweet and citrusy profile of the pineapple, grape, and blueberry mix.

Blue Surfer with Al Fakher Coconut: Adding coconut to the Blue Surfer mix can introduce a creamy, tropical depth that complements the existing fruit flavors beautifully. This combination creates a lush, island-inspired session that feels like a mini-vacation with each puff.

Blue Surfer with Peach flavors: For a sweeter, softer smoking experience, mix Blue Surfer with a peach flavor. The natural sweetness and soft floral notes of peach will meld with the vibrant fruits in Blue Surfer, producing a complex and highly enjoyable flavor profile.

Starbuzz Exotic Blue Surfer’s inherent blend of pineapple, grape, and blueberry already provides a rich, fruity base that is wonderfully enhanced by these additions. Whether you opt for the cooling effect of mint, the sharp zest of lime, the creamy tropical hint of coconut, or the sweet softness of peach, each mix brings out different facets of the Blue Surfer to suit various tastes and moods.

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9. Starbuzz Bold Geisha

 Starbuzz Bold Geisha
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Starbuzz Geisha stands out in the Bold line due to its innovative and harmonious blend of flavors. Its complexity offers a unique twist on traditional shisha, blending the subtle sweetness of peach with refreshing mint, rich melon, and a hint of citrus at the end. 

Flavor Profile: Starbuzz Geisha delights the palate with an initial mellow peach flavor that is enhanced by misty touches of mint and melon. As the session progresses, a medley of other fruits emerges, culminating in a subtle, refreshing citrusy finish. This sophisticated blend is characterized by its smoothness and a clean, icy sensation that enhances the natural sweetness of the fruits without the overpowering presence of mint.

Ideal for: This Starbuzz flavor is perfect for those who appreciate nuanced and elegantly flavored tobaccos. Geisha's gentle mix of fruity and floral elements with a background hint of green tea appeals to both novices and seasoned smokers looking for a refined smoking experience.

Mixing Suggestions: Adding mint flavor to Geisha accentuates its cooling effect, making the session even more refreshing. Incorporating citrus flavors like lemon or lime can brighten the subtle peach and melon notes, enhancing the blend's complexity. Combining Geisha with floral flavors such as jasmine or rose can bring out its delicate floral undertones, creating a richly aromatic experience.

Starbuzz Geisha offers a sophisticated and multi-layered flavor profile that is both invigorating and soothing, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and luxurious smoking experience.

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10. Starbuzz Bold Tropicool

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Tropicool is a unique blend of tropical flavors that provides a refreshing and invigorating smoke. The mix of tropical fruits and mint offers a lively and vibrant flavor. Many hookah enthusiasts consider Tropicool one of their most favorite Starbuzz fruit flavors. 

Flavor Profile: A combination of tropical fruits with a hint of mint. This Starbuzz flavor provides a refreshing and cooling taste that is both sweet and invigorating.

Ideal for: Perfect for those who enjoy a cooling and fruity flavor. The tropical profile makes it suitable for those who enjoy exotic blends with a touch of mint.

Mixing Suggestions: Pairs well with coconut or pineapple flavors for a tropical burst. It can also be combined with citrus flavors for a tangy twist or with berry flavors for a unique mix.

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Final Words

Choosing the best depends on your personal preferences. Whether you enjoy fruity, minty, or cocktail-inspired blends, Starbuzz tobacco offers a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. 

The key is to experiment with different pairings and find the mix that best suits your taste buds, ensuring an enjoyable and personalized hookah experience.

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