Molasses catcher

Porsche Hookah


Who knew that if you're wealthy enough to drive a Porsche, then your hookah needs are also in order? Well, this German automaker has thought of everything because they make cars and hookahs too! The first Porsche hookah came out back in 2011. It was a 55 cm tall pipe that featured an aluminum top with a long flexible TecFlex tube similar to the Porsche Design TecFlex Writing Tools.

Porsche Design Hookah

In 2019, Porsche Design released their newest product: Shisha 2.1, an elegant and sophisticated hookah pipe. The Shisha 2.1 offers an even more deluxe smoking experience in the unique Porsche Design iconic style. 

Molasses catcher on the bowl

The vase is made of solid, hand-blown glass in dark grey color. The stem, base, valve, wind cover, and hose handle are made of brushed anodized aluminum to offer as clean smoke as possible. 

porsche design hookah
Porshe hookah valve

The hose in leather optic and the bowl out of heat-resistant automotive grade ceramic add the finishing touch of perfection to this luxury hookah.

porsche design hookah
Porshe hookah bowl

This hookah is sold exclusively at Porsche Design online store, and costs $2200. 

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