What are the best hookah coals to buy?

Hookah charcoal is one of the most important ingredients of the shisha session. Coals are the source of the heat for shisha. 

We'd like to notice that we are not going to be reviewing the quick lighting charcoal as with the hookah industry evolving, this product becomes more and more irrelevant. We are going to be talking only about natural coal for hookah. 

The most recommended product on the market nowadays is the coconut coal for hookah made of coconut shells. Major coconut coals brands are made in Indonesia, the world's biggest coconut producer. The best sort of coconuts for hookah coals are grown on Sulawesi Island.  

Coconut Shells Used in Production of Hookah Coals

Commonly brands offer coals in the shape of briquettes or cubes. You can also find the coals that are shaped especially for heat management devices (HMD) such as Kaloud Lotus. The cubes come in different sizes. That can be helpful when you use specific HMD and want the coals to fit into the device. 

Coconut Hookah Coals Cubes

The typical sizes are:

  • 27x27x27 mm,
  • 26x26x26 mm, 
  • 25x25x25 mm, 
  • 22x22x22 mm, and 
  • 20x20x20 mm.

The key characteristics of hookah coals are

  1. Ash content,
  2. Heat duration,
  3. Density,
  4. Presence or absence of odors, 
  5. Materials coals made of.

Highest quality coconut coals are made of the carefully sorted coconut shells and leave a low percentage of ash, which is less than 2%. Also, coconut hookah charcoal can maintain stable heat for over an hour and does not require often replacement. Coconut coals do not contain sulfur or other hazardous chemicals, so they don't produce any unpleasant odors. 

How to light hookah coals?

Here is a simple guide on how to heat up hookah coals:

1. Put the necessary quantity (usually 2-3 pieces) of coals on an electric burner or hot plate. 

Hookah Coals On Hookah Coal Burner

2. Let the coals heat up on the highest heat level for around 3-4 minutes and gently flip them with hookah tongs. Do not touch the coals with your fingers or bare hands!

3. Leave the coals heating up on the other side for another 3 or 4 minutes. Be very cautious, as coals are extremely hot.

Red Hot Glowing Hookah Charcoal on Electric Burner

4. As soon as the coals are entirely red-hot, they are ready to be placed on the hookah. 

Hookah Coals Placed on A Hookah

How to use hookah without a coal? Is there any hookah coal substitute?

If we are talking about the traditional hookah, coals are the only way to heat up tobacco. There is such thing as electric hookah coals exist, but we do not consider it as an adequate substitute for the natural coals. 


Where to buy hookah coals?

Local hookah shop

If you ever ask google for "hookah coals near me" you might find lots of local smoke shops that offer those. You need to double-check if they have natural coals available. 

Advantages of shopping online at iconhookah.com

Shopping for coals at Icon Hookah provides you with convenience placing an order at any time of the day. At our hookah shop, we carry several brands of natural coals for hookah, such as our own brand, Icon Hookah Coals ($9.99 per kilo), Le Orange ($8.99 per kilo), and N&S ($7.5 per kilo). These brands have been trusted by many customers, as well as hookah lounges. Our support is available 24/7, so we can answer any product-related questions and assist you with the checkout process. 

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