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Showing 49 - 54 of 54 products
Al Fakher Gum - 250gAl Fakher Gum - 50g
Al Fakher Gum
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Al Fakher Mojito - 250gAl Fakher Mojito - 50g
Al Fakher Mojito
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Al Fakher Mint With Cream - 250gAl Fakher Mint With Cream - 50g
Al Fakher Mint With Cream
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Al Fakher Fresh - 250gAl Fakher Fresh - 50g
Al Fakher Fresh
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Al Fakher Grape With Cream - 250gAl Fakher Grape With Cream -
Al Fakher Grape With Cream
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Al Fakher Orange With Cream - 250gAl Fakher Orange With Cream - 50g
Al Fakher Orange With Cream
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What is Al Fakher? 

Al Fakher is an internationally renowned shisha manufacturer with a commitment to quality and invention. Their dedication has earned them the trust of hookah tobacco smokers across the world, making their customers loyal for many years. They began as just one company in 1999 but have now expanded into over 100 countries, always striving for new ways to delight people who love Al Fakher's flavors.

Al Fakher has been perfecting its flavored tobacco since it first began manufacturing it over 20 years ago – today, the company is collaborating with leading shisha professionals from around the world to develop some really exciting innovations.

How much nicotine is in Al Fakher shisha?

Al Fakher tobacco contains 0.05% percent nicotine. This is a typical nicotine amount for hookah tobacco.

Where is Al Fakher made?

Al Fakher hookah tobacco is made in United Arab Emirates.


Al Fakher offers a variety of flavors (nearly 50), from traditional to more modern options. There are classic varieties such as Double Apple and Berry and much more eclectic ones like Blueberry with Mint or Energy Drink. A shisha you can trust for a fantastic hookah experience. There is an Al Fakher flavor for every hookah enthusiast of all preferences!

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco Flavors


Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco is available in handy and convenient packages. The 50g size provides enough for a night of private hookah smoking, while the 250g or even 1000g jar can keep you going throughout the month as well as entertaining larger groups of friends who want to smoke together.


Al Fakher has a pretty choppy cut. It's dyed red, and it can get kind of sticky sometimes but overall is not too juicy. Sometimes there are large leaves or stems in the mix, which isn't that big of an issue because they're usually really easy to grab out if you notice them.

Al Fakher Tobacco Inside Hookah Bowl

How to pack Al Fakher?

Al Fakher is great, flavorsome hookah tobacco that smokes well with just the right packing technique. The only downside to Al Fakher are rare occurrences of harsh smoke if too much heat is applied at once during your session. With some education and patience, anyone can pack a perfect bowl of this flavorful shisha. 

Smoking Al-Fakher from a traditional Turkish hookah bowl or phunnel bowl is the optimal choice, but it can be smoked out of any other type of bowl with good results as long as you know how to manage the heat. 


If you use Kaloud, the best way to pack Al Fakher shisha tobacco is semi-dense, and you can opt for a slightly fluffier pack when using foil. Your initial pack should always be fluffy and loose. It's important that the tobacco gently falls off of your fingertips at first so it may gradually fill up into the hookah bowl. 

Once you have a good amount of tobacco in the bowl, pat down the loose shisha lightly so that there are no stray leaves poking from the top. As long as everything seems evenly grounded without being too tight-patted, smoking should be flawless.

Your pack doesn't need to be perfect or even especially tightly packed; as long as everything's fluffy and just gently patted together without being abnormally tight-pressed, then Al Fakher should burn well.

How much coal is needed for a Al Fakher shisha?

Al Fakher hookah flavors burn faster than other shisha brands, so you can start with three hookah coals on your hookah bowl. With Al Fakher, smoke should be flavorful right after you place the coals on the foil or HMD and start puffing, but then after that, it gives large clouds of smoke. 

If you want to get better clouds, try rotating your hookah coals more frequently, and avoid adding any more coal, this will only make your hookah smoke taste harsh.