Conceptic Design Carbon Hookah

Color: Black
Sale price$239.00


Conceptic Design Carbon is a high-tech designed hookah from a Russian manufacturer. It's very lightweight, reliable, and stylish. 


    • The shaft is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Diameter - 0.5 inches.
    • The tray is 8 inches in diameter.
    • The mouthpiece is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Diameter - 0.4 in. Length - 11.8 inches.
    • The hose is made of silicone. Diameter - 0.5 in. Length - 5 ft.
    • Set of grommets to connect shaft to the vase and bowl to the shaft.
    • Removable diffuser.
    • The weight of the shaft is 1.9 lb.
    • Total height, including vase, is 27 inches

Customer Reviews

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Thanh Vuong

Recently picked up this hookah more out of curiosity than anything . Being my third Russian Hookah Im very very impressed. Im now seriously thinking to bring these in to my Shisha Cafe / Lounge as my preferred Hookah of choice.
Build quality is superb. Pull and Flow is perfect. The included house is ideal and has nice flex and movement.
I really have enjoyed it so far
5 Genuine Stars.

Nick ATX
Sleek, quality, great smoke

Bought my first hookah in Qatar and use it for a few years, stopped and sold it.

A new neighbor moved in and we smoked his Starbuzz hookah and it was great. I can’t pay those crazy prices so looked and looked and found the Conceptic Carbon. I actually like the conceptic better. More sleek, solid build, diffuser included, WAY more affordable, and creates a smooth shisha experience. Neighbor with the Starbuzz hookah likes the conceptic too. Got my other neighbor into shisha as well.

100% happy with the purchase. For the record, I use a Kaloud Lotus heat management system with the matching silicon wrapped bowl. I would absolutely buy a conceptic hookah again.

Wednesday night is now shisha night with my neighbors.

carbon hookah

Working fantastic, I use it with a japona shisha bowl and all my friends so excited! huge clouds and a very easy pull - Really satisfied with this hookah!