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Buying The Right Hookah


There are three main size categories: full-size, desktop, and portable (or large, medium, and small). From the smoking experience perspective, the height of a hookah is not a factor. The robust flavor and large smoke clouds can be derived just as easily from a small hookah as a large pipe. So the choice of height should cater more to other needs.
For instance, a portable hookah can easily be transported as it is compact and fits in luggage or backpacks. The medium-sized hookah can conveniently fit on a small table, nightstand, or desk, having its heat easily manageable without needing to stand up to do so. The large (full size) pipe is great as a floor centerpiece, where a group of friends can sit around and share it. 

Hookah Sizes


The best material for the manufacture of hookahs is stainless steel, thanks to its durability and ease of cleaning. In addition, a stainless steel hookah with good maintenance can have a very long life. Therefore, by purchasing a stainless steel hookah, you buy a product that guarantees you a time-tested quality.
Other materials include wood, glass, polyacetal, and carbon fiber. Regardless of material, we always approach the hookah products we sell with lasting quality in mind.

Materials hookah made of

Style and Appearance

Traditional Hookah

Traditionally, hookahs have been manifested in many forms but have remained true to the underlying key fundamentals. These include a central shaft, a smoke cooling vase, and the drawing port. The smoke travels through the shaft from the bowl at the top into a water-filled container where it gets cooled off, to then be drawn by the smoker through the draw. These are the principal components of every hookah, but as time went on, like anything else, these devices began to evolve. The addition of the purge port opened the door to hookah modernization and gave rise to the next generation of hookah designs.

Modern Style

Modern style hookahs possess the same attributes as their traditional, hand-made counterparts, most featuring an enclosed chamber, hose, purge ports, and a male style bowl port as well. What sets them apart is the unique design and variance that goes into their construction.
Unlike the traditional, most modern hookahs are machine-made. The machines are calibrated to follow certain guidelines, assuring consistent precision of the inner workings of the hookah. Where the styles differ is in the implementation of the purge. Some manufacturers add a secondary purge to the hookah, while an "invisible" purge is the generally accepted industry standard. 

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