Afzal Pan Raas 50g

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Thanh Vuong
Aquired taste that leaves me wanting more

Afzal Paan Raas ? Whats that? Exactly my words when a friend asked me if I had any. I was quickly convinced its a must try and I was so happy I tried it. Our Indian friends have been keeping this to themselves way too long.
Re-Stock please @ iconhookah.

Suhail Patel

Awesome taste. Strong! Best if sprinkled on a flavor.

Vic Vartkes Felekian Real Estate Broker
best flavor ever, nothing can replace it

i want more of this when will be in stock?

Afzal hookah tobacco Pan Raas

Sandalwood and menthol are the main notes of this Indian miracle. Real, traditional Indian tobacco will give the aroma and flavors of sandalwood and a minty flavor, as well as some connoisseurs, may come across notes of a “church”. The taste palette is beautiful and will surprise everyone. Peppermint notes can be a real pleasure to many while smoking.

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