Hoob Atom C Hookah


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Hoob Atom C is one of the most innovative hookahs on the market.  High-quality materials, specially selected to ensure maximum durability of the hookah, as well as to emphasize the modern look. Hoob Hookah comes with a wide-neck shockproof base that is perfect for fruit cocktails and is easy to clean.

This hookah features Hoob Magnetic Lock Connection (aluminum cover magnetically locks to acrylic base), shockproof acrylic hookah base, double purge valve system, Hoob Plug Original Hose Port Connectors, built-in stem diffusor, and built-in acrylic handle. 

Brand Hoob
Height  8 1/4 in
7 lb

Stem, grey silicone hose, aluminum mouthpiece, led lights with remote control, acrylic hookah base (hookah bowl not included)

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