Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips - Pack of 100 Hookah Tips


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Medium Jumbo Sized
These durable plastic hookah tips come in bags of 100 and in 5 different colors. Icon Hookah Tips fit the same hoses as regular jumbo mouth tips but are slightly shorter, which makes them Medium Jumbo Tips. That is to say, if you currently use jumbo tips, the transition to these tips should go smoothly.

Hookah Mouth tips are crucial for maintaining smoke sessions sanitary, limiting the spread of bacteria from person to person. The tips are nearly 6 cm long, which makes them extra hygienic compared to most short hookah tips. Icon Hookah Disposable Tips are ideal for personal hygiene, especially for group hookah sessions. Each item is individually wrapped.

Inside Fitting Male Hookah Tips
Designed to fit inside the opening of the hose, they are effortless to connect. These premium quality male tips perfectly work with most modern and classic hookah hoses.

Mouth Tips are a vital part of the hookah session these days. Medium Jumbo mouth tips are the best hookah tips for lounge and bar owners that strive to provide premium hookah experience for their patrons.

59 mm
Larger diameter
13 mm
Smaller diameter
8 mm
Quantity per bag
100 pieces 

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