Starbuzz Bold White Bear

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Scott C
Really good candy style Shisha

Even though it did not remind me of a gummy bear, it did satisfy the candy sweetness crave that I look for in Shisha. It was quite enjoyable and I could not come to give the rating a 4 due to the nature of satisfaction from the taste to the smoke level. As always, I love Starbuzz' use of finely cut tobacco leaves with little to no stems that always deliver even, expected quality and results. Still my favorite brand for this and many reasons. Would recommend.

Starbuzz white bear

I find this shisha to be a nice blend of pineapple. I live pineapple I can smoke this all day lol

Garry Ward

Very reminiscent to my childhood when I would open a bag of Gummi Bears and start snacking! The buzz is well balanced!

Thanh Vuong
Candied Pineapple and Freshness

Best smoked all by itself. Solid flavour that lasts

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